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 Publishers Letter May 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Life Bites News Readers,

Well, it's time again to say thanks to that wonderful woman who gave you life and is always there to listen or lend a hand when you have a problem. My mom is in the place where special moms go, but I want to thank my three daughters who have all turned out to be such fantastic women, with mothering skills that they share with everyone around them. I am lucky to have them to learn from, and thank God for giving me my time with them. I think being a grandmother is really the best hat I've ever worn. Cody, Leo Maxime and Natasha have brought me more joy than i can ever express, and I know already the amazing joy coming to my heart with my new great grandchild coming in June/July. There is an unspoken connection with grandchildren that no one can explain, but it's there and it's the best! A special May 30th happy birthday wish to my #1 daughter Kathleen . . . you're the best Kat, and I love you!

I wish to honor all the great teaching nuns, and women in my family who have helped me grow and become the person I am today, especially my Aunt Dolores (Marcella) Stein who had a PhD in unconditional love, and shared so much to help me along my life journey.  I thank all the great spirit driven women in history who have inspired me so much to never give up and always try to do my best, including Golda Meir, Mother Theresa & Eleanor Roosevelt. I won't bore you with my list of who all these women are, but we all have a collection of great women whose books we have read, paintings we have admired, designs we wish we could afford, recipes we wish we could duplicate, and exceptional political women who continue to fight for our rights as women. But, most of all I thank my dear women friends who have been there for me through the really tough times and the joyous moments over many years. I love you all!

Pope: Equal pay for equal work - Pope Francis has added his voice to the feminist anthem of equal pay for equal work, saying it's "scandalous" that women earn less than men for doing the same job. Francis also lambasted the attitude of some who blame the crisis in families on women getting out of the house to work. He says such attitudes are a form of "machismo" that shows how men "want to dominate women."

In this issue we visit Bacara Resort & Spa for highlights from the 2nd Annual Santa Barbara Food & Beverage Weekend featuring Chefs Goin & Lentz, Mayet Cristobal-Bognar & Bobby Bognar, curators from Julia's Kitchen at the Smithsonian, renowned author Anne Willan and so many more. We have additional food and beverage coverage in "Sips" and "Culinary Coup", and exciting upcoming event and festival news. Cruise and Air Line news can be found in our travel and wheels section for vacation plans you may be making for summer. On our links page you will find contact information of the airlines, and Amtrak. Train travel is becoming very popular with families and my story on train travel to San Francisco in "Wheels" is an example of this popularity. Wheels also has a great car review done by Jeramy Gordon.

We will give  you a blow by blow of Debbie Durkin Productions MTV Celebrity/Charity Eco Lounge at the Avalon Hotel in Hollywood. Don't miss my friend Lauren's latest story in Tastes of Italia, the best food magazine on everything wonderful that's Italian. 

Our "Health Minded" section offers health news from editor Carol L. Doyel on Momentum, a great look at the spiritual side we need to remember, and a exquisite mother's day treatments at Trump Spa's in nearby cities.

We hope your Mother's Day is peaceful and happy. Great gift ideas that can be delivered before mother's day are here in Culinary Coup. God Bless and we thank you for joining us this month. Look for our Father's Day issue in June, which will be devoted to men who make a real difference in our world.
If you have any questions regarding editorial or advertising rates please email us at: tolifebites@aol.com or writebc@aol.com. A perfect gift is a box of beautiful chocolates from Calle de Bressan Chocolates in Santa Barbara.
My love to my wonderful children and grandchildren always.
Bonnie Carroll
Special Spring & Mother's Day Recipes
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Bonnie Carroll, Publisher/Editor


Rosalie Frances, Contributor, tolifebites.com

Mary Hilton, Content Contributor/Marketing Director


Delia Csipkay, Contributor

Cody Hilton, Teen Times Columnist


Natasha Melikoff, Canada Reporter


Mike O’Connell, Photo/Video Director/Contributor


Isabella D'Angelo, Rome Correspondent


Additional contributing writers are included on an individual issue basis. Please contact the editor with questions regarding journalist assignments. Email: writebc@aol.com

Website: Cyberindustries.com


2115 De La Vina Street, Ste 31

Santa Barbara, CA 93105


Email contact preferred please

LBN Best of 2014
Best Rest Opening US
Petit Trois LA, Ludovic Lefebvre
Best International Chef
Daniel Boulud
Best Airport F&B
Wolfgang Puck Express
Best TV Food Program
Anthony Bordain, Parts Unknown CNN
Best Island Resort & Spa
W Koh Samui Retreat, Thailand
Best Food Art
Cafe des Artistes, Puerto Vallarto MX
Best Winter Ski Resort
Fairmont, Mont Tremblant, Canada
Best Cocktail
Hangovertini, Lebue Hotel, Bangkok
Best Restaurant Design
Victor Drai - Hollywood & LV
Best Int'l Hotel Design
Dhara Dhevi, Chaing Mai
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Ohtli Spa, Casa Magna Marriott, MX
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Kings Palace, Bangkok Thailand
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Westin, Puerto Vallarta/Casa Tres Villas MX
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2014 Emmy's by Joachim Splichal Patina
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Polo Lounge, Beverly Hills Hotel
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Il Pastao, Giacomino Drago, California
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Hilton Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
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Ahi & Uni, La Palapa, Puerto Vallarta
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CP Dry Creek Kitchen, Chef Valette, Sonoma
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The Lark, Santa Barbara, CA
Best New Chef
Chef Carlos Gaytan, "Du Mexique" Chicago
Best Tavern F&B Style
Arlington Tavern, Santa Barbara
Best Wine Adventure
Jordan Estate Winery, California
Best Int'l & US Flights
Thai Airways, JetBlue, US Airways, AA
Best Weekend Escape
Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa
Best Burger
The Point, Chef Bognar, Culver City, CA
Best Epicurean Event
Cancun Food & Wine Festival Boulud Dinner
Best Food Tasting Tour
Taco Tour Puerto Vallarto, MX
Best Wine List Selection
Cafe des Artistes, Secrets Cancun
Best Family Hotels
Hofsa House, Carmel; Velas Vallarta, MX
Best Travel Adventure
Patara Elephant Farm, Chaing Mai Thailand
Best Historic Celebration
City of Beverly Hills 100th Birthday
Best Films
The Chef, & Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Cook Book
Toque! Normad Laprise, Montreal

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