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Ultimate “Daily Bread” Experience

by Bonnie Carroll

I recently wandered into Le Pain Quotidien in Westlake Village to discover one of the most amazing breakfast spots I've found in ages. All my dear writer friends who survive on gluten free, vegan, vegetarian as well as organic would flip over this warm and welcoming venue. I love the open Country French ambiance, soothing classical music, and friendly attitude of the managers and staff.

The menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner is jammed with imaginative and healthy surprises, all accompanied with fresh baked daily home-made organic breads and rolls. Not since the dining room at the Regent Beverly Wilshire closed have I had a perfect four and a half minute egg for breakfast. The egg, served in shell was (organic of course) and was served with warm fresh baked bread, butter and apricot jam. I enjoyed my on the run breakfast with a pot of delicious caffeine free chamomile tea, while watching patrons at the table next to me devouring the signature toasted avocado tartine with green salad, and know I will go back for this seductive plate. Wonderful coffee, tea, and hot chocolate beverages are available with breakfast, as well as wine and beer to enjoy with lunch or dinner entrees.

Alain Coumont is the founder of Le Pain Quotidien, and believes that the tradition of fresh-baked bread is a routine worthy of repetition. Once Alain Coumont decided to open his bakery, he needed to decide on a name. He recalled a memory of his father exclaiming “moi, ce n’est pas mon pain quotidien!” literally translating to “it’s not my daily bread.” Alain knew he needn’t look any further for the words to hang above his bakery door. Welcome to Le Pain Quotidien, “the daily bread,” where the past meets the present and the future is today. They have Los Angeles area venues in Larchmont, and downtown LA, as well as Westlake Village. Additional US locations include New York, Washington, Philadelphia and Connecticut.

Alain's taste for baking up happiness reaches far back into the legacy of his past. Alain’s maternal grand parents owned a restaurant near Liège in Belgium, and his father trained as a chef. Alain even studied at the same hotel school that his father attended in Namur, Belgium. He followed in their footsteps until it was time to mark his own path. The communial table seen in every restaurant was a tradition that began in the family venue in Brussels and is a favorite for family and group gatherings or just sharing a meal with others who may become new friends.

Wines include RN13 grown by Alain Coumont on his property in France. They are organic and include Cabernet RN13 (13 moons and the harvest is great) a blend merlot and Cabernet, as well as the RN13 White, a blend of sauvignon bblanc and chardonnay, which are $8.00 a glass or $24 a bottle. Naked Earth organic wine is also on the menu at $8.50 a glass or $28.00 a bottle, and they also offer a Pinot by Girasole from Mendocino at $9.50 a glass or $36.00 a bottle. Organic beer options include Hoe Garden $6.96 and Butte Creek $7.25. For brunch they serve Mimosa's made with organic ingredients.

The first Le Pain Quotidien opened in Brussels in 1990, and within a few months 10 more locations opened, all serving the classic, rustic loaves Alain grew up with. Seven years later, Alain’s dream to open in the United States was realized with a flagship bakery on Madison Avenue in New York City, and now, his vision of fresh-baked, traditionally made bread has become a tradition for neighbors and friends at 200 Le Pain Quotidien locations throughout the world. Restaurant hours: Sun-Thur: 7:00am – 8:00pm, Friday-Sat: 7:00am – 9:00pm. For reservatios or catering services call (805-322-4696) or visit: www.lepainquotidien.com.

Le Pain Quotidien - Westlake Village

2728 Townsgate Road
Westlake Village, CA 91361



Cuisine crafted by grands chefs (great chefs)

In the La Première cabin, you compose your meal from the gourmet menu developed by Michelin-starred French chefs, including culinary designers like Joël Robuchon, Régis Marcon, Guy Martin, Anne-Sophie Pic and Michel Roth.

Take an exciting trip through wine country and discover our wine list, updated every 2 months.


Introducing Ventura’s Taste of Local Exposition

The Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office is proud to host the third annual Ventura County Agricultural Summit, adding the Taste of Local Exposition for the first time on Saturday, September 12, 2015. 

The Taste of Local Exposition will be Ventura’s epicurean event of the season and is showcasing top-line chefs who emphasize locally sourced produce, premier local wineries, breweries, distillers, purveyors, farmers and vendors that support the Ventura County agricultural industry. The event is designed to help connect all the steps from field and farm to fork.

The Taste of Local Expo will feature food and samples from participants including McGrath Family Farm, Plated Events, Main Course Catering, Scratch Food Truck, Surf Brewery, Four Brix Winery, Poseidon Brewing Company and Cantara Cellarsas well as the unique musical stylings of Dan Grimm’s Flip Flop Honky Tonk.
Ventura Agricultural Summit brings together a diverse group of agricultural related organizations to guide discussions, seminars and panels about agriculture related topics. Topics this year include:

  • Water – The Resource, New Realities and Solutions
  • Distribution – Direct to the Consumer, Mid-tier to Large Scale
  • Positive Economic Impact – The Economic Impact Ventura County’s Agriculture has on the Country

This year’s theme is “We are Different”, to highlight Ventura County’s rich soil, Mediterranean climates, innovative farmers and diverse crops and to showcase how Ventura County agriculture helps feed the community and the world.
Paula Daniels, founder of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, will be the keynote speaker of the Agricultural Summit. Los Angeles Food Policy Council is a collective initiative of food system leaders working toward an environmentally sustainable, equitable and regionally based food system.

“Ventura County agriculture is an integral part of our economy and plays a vital role in feeding the world,” said Henry Gonzales, Ventura County’s Agricultural Commissioner. “This summit is a way to not only educated attendees of the importance that Ventura County agriculture plays, but also opens up the lines of communication between area farmers, AG related industries, educators and the general public.”
Agricultural Summit will take place on Friday, September 11 from 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m and will be followed by the Farm to Plate Mixer from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. at Cal State Channel Islands University. The Taste of Local Expo will take place on Saturday, September 12 from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m at the same location.
Vendor information and tickets can be purchased online at www.VenturaCountyAgSummit.com. Agricultural Summit tickets are $35 and Farm to Plate Mixer tickets are $50, or $25 if purchased with an Agricultural Summit ticket. Taste of Local Expo tickets are $65. Two-day event passes are $105 and includes all events. 

About Agricultural Summit
Since 2013, the mission of Ventura County Agricultural Summit has been to protect and promote agriculture while ensuring the welfare of the public, the industry and the environment. With help and support from the Ventura County Agriculture Commissioner’s Office, they have been able to promote and work with many Ventura County agriculture stakeholders, building the necessary structures of long term success into the future.

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