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Today’s children grow up watching their parents try to keep up with the latest trends. Instead of looking like normal At Crispy Green, we are committed to bringing you delicious and healthy snacks

Halloween snacks don’t have to be filled with horrifyingly unhealthy, sugary treats to be fun. Crispy Fruit high-quality freeze-dried fruits snacks with 40 or less calories per serving are the ideal fun and delicious healthy Halloween treat for kids and adults alike.

Delicious, all-natural Crispy Fruit snacks are a fun and frightfully healthy alternative to sugary Halloween treats. Crispy Fruit single serving bags are the perfect healthy treat for trick-or-treaters. Crispy Fruit is available in 3 flavors: Crispy Apples, Crispy Apricots and Crispy Peaches and can be purchased at supermarkets, natural and whole food stores and other fine food stores.

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