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Cody Chandler Hilton
November 2007

by Cody Chandler Hilton


Santa Barbara Art FestivalThe Santa Barbara Art Festival is full of fun things to do for kids and adults. They have a place where kids can paint and do art projects, and the whole sunken garden of City Hall is filled with paintings and jewelry made by local artists. Everyone sits around and listens to music by groups that include jazz, and other local musicians. This year they had several great dance groups who did demonstrations. There were tango dancers and also a belly dancer.

The food included BBQ and healthy food from Le Bon. They also had ice cream and soft drinks, and wine for adults. In front of the City Hall there were huge colored animals, including a dragon. At night they had musical entertainment and people came to have dinner while the show was going on. This is a fun family event, and it is put on by the Santa Barbara Rotary Club.

Thanks for reading my column, and I hope you log on next month.

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