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Cody Chandler Hilton
by Cody Chandler Hilton

There are lots of great movies for the family to see this holiday season. Here are some you might like to try.


FLICKA - Opened in October

Alison Lahman, a teenager becomes attached to a wild mustang, against the wishes of her rancher dad Tim McGraw. PG Rating. The book 'My Friend Flicka' by Mary O'Hara will help you enjoy this movie.


This is a family film starring Alex Rider. a fourteen year old is expected to replace Alex Pettyfer (his uncle who was killed) as a spy for England's MI6. PG Rating. Suggested reading Anthony Horowitz's Stormbreaker series.

FLUSHED AWAY - Opening November 3

An upscale pet mouse, Hugh Jackman, is flushed into the underground world of Ratropolis and must find a way home. PG Rating. If you like Chicken Little you will like this one!

THE SANTA CLAUSE 3 - Opening November 3

Jack Frost, Martin Short, competes with Santa, Tim Allen, who is expecting a new baby with Mrs. Claus. Rating PG. Could be as funny as Home Alone!

HAPPY FEET - Opens November 17

Mumble, an Emperor penguin can't find his unique heartsong, but he dances great; Mumble by Elijah Wood. If you liked March of the Penguins you will like this one!

DECK THE HALLS - Opens November 22

Danny DeVito, the dad builds a huge holiday light display that can be seen fromspace, his neighbor, Matthew Broderick, wants to top him. No rating.
If you like Christmas-Vacation you will like this one too!

THE NATIVITY STORY - Opens December 1

It stars Keisha Castle-Hughes and Oscar Isaac. This is the story of Mary and her journey with Joseph to Bethlehem, where Jesus is born. Not rated to date. If you like King of Kings you should enjoy this movie.


Wilmer Valderrama, and airline employee has to babysit for some kids who got snowed in at the airport on Christmas Eve. Not rated to date.

ERAGON - Opens December 15

It's about an adolescent farm boy, played by Ed Speleers, who discovers a dragon's egg. He is destined to be defender of his homeland against an evil king played by John Malkovich. No rating to date.

CHARLOTTE'S WEB - Opens December 20

Dakota Fanning stars in the adaptation of E.B. White's children's tale of Wilbur the barnyard pig and his dear friend Chrlotte. Raged PG. If you like BABE you will like this one!

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM - Opens December 22

Ben Stiller is a nightshift security guard at the natural history museum, and the exhibits start coming to life. He thinks he is going crazy or something. If you liked Neverending Story you will like this one.


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