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by Cody Chandler Hilton

I really like the hamburgers, and chili fries at Johnny Rockets. We go to the one near the Museum of Radio and Television on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. I like to spend time at the museum watching old TV shows and movies, it's fun there, and afterward we always go to Johnny Rockets for lunch or dinner.

My favorite drinks are the chocolate milkshake and the rootbeer float. The rootbeer float is so good. You can put nickels in a box on the table and pick old songs you like to hear. When the weather is nice we sit outside of Johnny Rockets and watch people on the street go by while we eat our food.

This is a fun place for kids and their parents. You should definitely go there.

Here is a recipe for the Johnny Rockets chocolate milkshake recipe that you and your Mom can make at home:


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