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Cody Chandler Hilton
January 2008

by Cody Chandler Hilton

National Treasure - Book of SecretsThis is a very good movie, because it has historical points in the film. It has a talented cast of actors, and Nicholas Cage was very good. The special effects were amazing, and almost made me think they were real. I would very much recommend this film to families who like watching movies together. If you have the chance to go to a movie store and rent or buy National Treasure, the first movie it will help you. If you see the first one it helps you understand the plot of the second movie more easily.
The Water HorseThe Water Horse, a Sony picture, is also a great movie that is really enjoyable for kids and parents to see. It is about a young boy who finds an egg that hatches into a little friend for him. It is something like ET, but better. The little Water Horse becomes a huge water horse and takes him for adventure rides in the ocean. This is a fun film.
Thank you for reading my column, and Happy New Year.

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