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by Cody Chandler Hilton

The Santa Monica Pier has been around since 1900. It was always a place for people to meet and enjoy during their family vacations. I heard that it had the first roller coaster ride, and it has a great roller coaster today. The end of the pier has many rides and some great food for kids. They also have an antique merry-go-round that has colorful wooden horses.

We played games to try to win prizes, and watched artists creating their art on the boardwalk. If you like cotton candy and hot dogs this is the place to visit. The Ferris Wheel is huge and at night it lights up the whole pier. There is a sandy beach where you can take a picnic lunch, and if you want to buy a hat or toys there are people who sell them along the pier.

Walking along the ocean near the pier is fun. You can walk all the way to Venice Beach, and see musicians, and people roller skating on the sidewalks. You can have your fortune told, or buy cool things from the people there. This is a fun way to spend the day with your family, and I hope you like it.


by Cody Chandler Hilton

The Ocean & Vine restaurant in the Loews Hotel has some really fun food for kids and grownups. They have a cheese fondue that comes with long forks and you can dip your bread in the hot cheese and eat it. My uncle and I had so much fun eating this dish.

We liked it so much that we ordered the dessert fondue that came with lots of fruit to dip in chocolate. This was delicious, and the bananas were great. Greg, the chef is nice and he came to our table to say hello. The serving lady was really helpful, and you should go to Loews and enjoy these fun to eat fondue dishes.

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