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Cody Chandler Hilton


by Cody Hilton

It's surprising how many new movies are showing. My favorites are Harry Potter's new offering, and Ratatouille. The opening of Ratatouille in Santa Barbara was very good, and everyone came out of the theater smiling. Movie theaters are a perfect place to stay cool. The El Capitan and Kodak Theaters in Hollywood are interesting buildings on the outside that show the latest film releases inside. Every city has historic theaters and Santa Barbara has many. The Lobero TheRatatouilleater, and The Arlington Theater were built when my Grandmother was very young, and they still have great live productions and films to enjoy.

RATATOUILLE is a movie that tells the story of a rat named Remy who wants to be a chef, and ends of a restaurant critics favorite chef. This movie is really fun for the entire family. I give this one five stars!

Butterfles AliveThe Santa Barbara Natural History Museum once again presented Butterflies Alive, a beautiful indoor cocoon where the butterflies fly around and land on flowers and trees, where people can photograph them. This is such a colorful and interesting exhibit. Everyone should see it.

Thanks for reading my column. I hope you will join me again next month.

Cody Hilton

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