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Migraine Prevention Device Eliminates Migraine Headaches
by Bonnie Carroll

According to Dr. Jim Boyd, a practicing dentist and the creator of the NTI migraine prevention device, his discovery can be described as a method, and not a product. After suffering from headaches every day for twelve years, and living on pain killers, he realized that the Excedrin was merely creating a rebound effect on him. He began to do research to find something to help the migraine sufferer who did not want to take drugs, as well as expectant mothers who could not take drugs.

As his scientific studies evolved regarding tri-geminal nerve activity, he realized that the branches of this clearing house contained some nerves that send out messages and some that receive messages, causing physical reactions. Just as a light bulb can trip the board when the electrical system is overloaded, information on what goes on in the outer world that is sent to the tri-geminal nerve can modify instructions to the brain. Number one tells blood vessels in the brain how to behave, and the arteries become inflamed, and another one tells all the jaw muscles what to do. For years it was believed that certain foods, and unknown causatives were responsible for triggering migraines, but according to Dr. Boyd, once he designed the mouth piece to protect his teeth from clenching and began to use it each night his headaches completely stopped.

The grinding and clenching of teeth while we are sleep is a universal problem, and according to Dr. Boyd this is pathologic, and beyond voluntary activity that happens during sleep. "As a result of this destructive activity, the teeth say to the sensory nerve "we're dying," and the result is often a severe headache. The TMJ is also affecting the jaw joints and can cause destruction of the teeth. The teeth can appear perfectly straight, but many times the movement is powerful enough to actually break the teeth.

A simple explanation says Boyd is this example of saying to someone "I'll bet you twenty dollars you don't take a bite out of this snickers bar," but, the problem is the candy bar is frozen and the front teeth reject it and send a sensory message to the brain. However, to win the twenty you will find a way to move it back to the molars, who don't have the sensory warning tools and will bite into it, and move it from side-to-side until the solid object is crushed, even if it breaks a tooth. The NTI device is like a small plastic taco, that is a half inch tall and curved to sit on your two front teeth. The NTI device is used at night while you are sleeping, and it has eliminated migraines for hundreds of patients who no longer get headaches from clenching their jaws, or straining their muscles while they are sleeping. After continued use of this device, it appears the tri geminal nerve sends a message that life is not so bad, and the patient is no longer affected by the things that once triggered their headaches.

Neurologist, Andrew Blumenfeld, a former migraine sufferer and user of the NTI device, agrees that having a drug free solution that targets the disease is vitally important to eliminate the symptomatic yo-yo effects that disrupt the patients life, and negatively affect their health. Boyd suggests that drugs can actually add to the problem. The NTI device inhibits bad news from going to the tri geminal nerve; it inhibits sensory modulators from handling bad news badly, which suppresses activity that damages the teeth and jaw joints.

"This disease seems to be the worst for people with hyperactive nervous systems, and my primary patients are working women, who are mothers and must keep going despite the presence of a point four headache. Many women also hide these headaches from their partner because men just can't handle chronic pain in their loved ones. The old 'not tonight, I have a headache' story is a day-to-day problem for those who suffer from this serious handicap. Being alert to the pain levels is key, and if the need for drugs or narcotics is eliminated when the pain levels drop as a result of the use of NTI, that's a significant solution to the serious problem of drug addiction," says Dr. Boyd.

"After continued use of the NTI device patients are amazed to wake up each morning with no need to take any medication, and feeling good. I myself was amazed at what the NTI device had done to put this disease in check," said Boyd. "It is a rewarding experience to have patients come to me and say that for the first time they feel good to be alive, and look forward to getting up in the morning."

"I plan to approach ongoing work to assist pregnant women who are suffering with this problem. These women cannot use drugs to deal with their migraines, and require a solution that will be safe for them and their unborn child. The NTI device provides the safest and surest solution for mothers-to-be and their babies. I am hoping that the fruits of my research and the positive effect it has had on my patients using the method will begin to reach medical practitioners who are in a position to save their patients great suffering and money by being aware and proactive regarding this valuable migraine prevention device.

NTI's first wave of research won approval by the FDA as a preventive medicine for migraines, but according to the doctor it still all goes back to the nerve center, and a misdiagnosis can allow it to hide in another specialist's field of expertise; a practitioner who may not recognize the need or value of the NTI device. Some all inclusive information on this subject is available at www.migraineprevention.com. Dr. Jim Boyd is a dental practitioner in San Diego, California. For additional information visit:www.NTI.com.

A Guest Testimonial:

While working on this story it was brought to my attention that Debby, a member of our LBN group, suffered from migraine headaches. I asked Dr. Boyd to fit her with the NTI device, and told him I would chart her course. The following is her actual experience with NTI on 2/25/06:

Hi Bonnie,

I'm happy to report that I am headache free for the most part. I did fall asleep watching a movie four days after I began using my NTI device, and woke up with a major headache, and my jaw was aching from clenching my teeth.

During my visit with Dr. Boyd he mentioned that the device could be worn during stressful times throughout the day when I might have a tendency to clench my teeth. He mentioned some people use it while driving in rush hour traffic, for example. I decided to use it later that day to see if it might help, and after about an hour I actually got some relief. Needless to say I have made sure I don't fall asleep without it now.

I was more than skeptical about the device. After years and years of trying nearly everything to get relief, the thought of a simple device in your mouth while you slept just seemed too good to be true. Everyday is a challenge when you wake up with a headache. It's like a decision has to be made right then and there. Will you just give up this day and give into the headache, or will you just get up and make it the best day possible in spite of the pain. Life's to short to lose even a day of not being able to enjoy the people and events in your life that mean so much.

Today when I wake up I don't have to make that choice, I can just enjoy it. What a life changing experience this has been!

Take care,

A Beautiful Way to Rejuvenate
by Rose Frances

Purifique has come out with a refreshing, uplifting, joyful digestive ultra aroma drink that is so beautifully bottled that it could rival some winemakers in France. The two delicious flavors include Spirit: Ginger Mint and Harmony: Cinnamon Rose. Spirit is supposed to give you vitality, aid in digestion, clear your mind, and cleanse your body. Harmony sparks focus, is an antioxidant and promotes beauty from within.

I love these organic botanical essences made wtih natural aromatic flavors, and designed to provide the aramatherapeutic benefits to assist in good health, and general well being. Puprifique pushes the envelope beyond oils and their by products by providing a high grade consumable botanical essence for sipping.

For additional information visit www.purifique.com.


A Gift for Women on the Go
by Rose Frances

Lightfull Foods have launched the debut of the 90-calorie, all-natural LightFull Satiety Smoothie, available in four delicious flavors; strawberries & Cream, Peaches & Cream, Dutch Chocolate and Cafe Latte. This new beverage is loaded with nutrients, metabolism-boosting antioxidants, calcium, more fiber than a bowl of oatmeal, and is the ideal beverage choice for health conscious women on the go.

LightFull Foods is the first company in the world to develop products based on the food science concept of satiety, or fullness, and strives to help people lead healthy, balanced lives by creating delicious, low-calorie, all natural nutritious snacks. For information visit www.Lightfullfoods.com.

A Clean Taste Going Down
by Rose Frances

The Metromint product is a pure and simple mintwater, that has no sweeteners, calories or carbs. It has no preservatives, and is an all-natural thirst quencher using only crystal-clear water and pesticide free mint from Yakima Valley, Washington.

The refrshing beverage has an exhilarating taste that garnered it awards for best new product, and it really grows on you. The mint taste provides a simplicity that makes plain water taste great! For information see www.metromint.com

MA-ME! Great New Snack

The hottest new convenient, healthy, and great tasting snack is made by MA-ME! This on-the-go edamame snack is now being featured in markets across the country, and is a product of Bright Future Foods, LLC, of Cincinnati. At just 110 calories, a serving of MA-ME! provides all the benefits of soy protein, is high in fiber, has zero trans fat and zero cholesterol.

Aside from all the statistics on good content, the important thing is that MA-ME! snacks taste so good. This is a healthier way to go and fun as well. The product is available at Wild Oats markets, Kroger in Cincinnati, and can be ordered at www.iwantmymame.com.

Two New Antioxidant Packed Acai Juices Help
Maintain a Healthy-Heart Diet

The Rainforest Acal and Pomegranate Acal are the newest gift of health from the Naked Juice folks. These new drinks aare loaded with amino acids and essfential omegas, high levels of flavanoids and polyphenots and more. But, the best part is they taste so delicious and compliment any meal. For additional information see www.nakedjuice.com.


Tips on how to unwind while traveling,
from Bija Bennett, Founder of YogaAway™

As any "road warrior" can tell you, travel comes with its own set of anxieties. After a long day of security lines, cramped seats and interminable waits, one sure way to cool out both on the road and en suite is with YogaAway™, which addresses the challenges of jet lag, stress and fatigue, while promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.

YogaAway is known for its portability: a comfortable spot, a peaceful milieu, and a heartfelt desire to unwind - that's pretty much all you need.

To assure that your travel experience remains beneficial no matter where you are, here are some simple travel wellness tips from Bija Bennett, Founder of YogaAway:

  1. Don't expect hotel carpeting to be soft enough for your comfort. If you neglected to pack your yoga mat, order extra bath towels from housekeeping to spread on the floor for your practice.
  2. The recycled air on planes can leave you feeling dehydrated. Don't forget to drink lots of water and pack tea bags or order lemon in hot water to soothe your body and mind before bed.
  3. Hamburgers, cheese-fries, caffeinated sodas and sugary sweets tax your system. To maximize your pleasure and your experience on the road, eat healthy, wholesome food. Order fruits, cheese or nuts to snack on and don't be afraid to make special requests.
  4. Bring a YogaAway DVD to help you recover from jet lag or increase your energy after a long flight. If you don't travel with a laptop or portable DVD player, check out the YogaAway Fitness, Stress Reduction and Mental Focus classes. These in-room video experiences are available in the privacy of your hotel room via On Command©.
  5. Use your breath as a tool to change your state. To energize, take ten breaths progressively increasing your inhalation and pause after inhale; to calm yourself take ten breaths progressively increasing your exhalation and pause after exhale.
  6. Surround yourself with things that give you comfort by personalizing your hotel room: Natural lighting, fresh flowers, aroma oils or photos of family and friends - that's the idea.
  7. Pack loose, comfortable clothing for your yoga practice. Pajamas will work fine if you don't have any workout clothes. Don't forget to hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door!

YogaAway provides accessible, highly effective and diverse yoga experiences tailored to the specific needs of modern travelers, encouraging stress reduction, fitness and mental focus. Founded in 2004 by celebrated yoga teacher and author Bija Bennett, this versatile Denver-based company offers a series of artfully rendered In-Room Yoga Videos for hotels, Spa Classes taught by certified instructors in Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, and GetAways, world-class yoga and lifestyle mini-vacations featuring luxurious wellness experiences. For more information, please call 303-534-4459, or visit www.yogaaway.com.

Baby Bouquet’s Ingredient List Debuts After Years of Research

After two years of exhaustive research, development and further refinement, Baby Bouquet has just announced the release of their new line of all natural baby skin care products. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients, and those most suited to children, Baby Bouquet’s debut products range from Gentle Shampoo and Body Wash, Comforting Massage Balms, Moisturizers, Diaper Rash Treatments and an already much heralded Eczema and Cradle Cap Oil.

According to John Hay, the President of Baby Bouquet, “We tried hundreds of combinations of the finest ingredients to create the perfect formulations. We’re extremely proud of the ingredients you’ll find in Baby BouquetTM, including natural essential oils of vanilla, coriander, lavender, sweet orange, and chamomile; rich, natural emollients like shea butter and avocado butter; natural botanical oils of olive, sunflower and safflower; aloe leaf extract, natural Vitamin E, plant-derived squalene, and more. We encourage you to review our ingredients and to compare our products to others you may be using on babies and young children.”

As parents are becoming more educated about harmful additives in mainstream baby care products, the market place for natural products is growing. But not all natural products are created alike. Many contain “natural” ingredients – like tea tree oil - that can actually harm your child’s skin. Baby Bouquet’s line only contains the finest and most gentle combinations of ingredients – those most suited to young, sensitive skin.

John Hay continues, “As proud as we are of what Baby Bouquet products include, we are just as proud of what they don’t: no ethoxylates, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, detergents, anesthetizers or numbing agents found in “tear-free” shampoos, mineral oil, artificial fragrance and no artificial color. Making wonderful and effective products for babies and young children is what we do. At Baby Bouquet™ we give you our commitment to maintain these high standards of quality in our products.”

About Baby Bouquet

Owned by John and Christine Hay, Santa Ana based Baby Bouquet has a complete line of natural personal care items for the entire family. All Baby Bouquet™ products have been clinically tested, allergy tested, and dermatologist reviewed. They are cruelty-free and are never tested on animals. Baby Bouquet products can be found in better health and beauty stores nationwide. For more information and a complete line of retailers please visit www.babybouquet.com or call 714-545-5760.


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