Tortino di Melanzane

Tortino di Melanzane

Aubergines flan with basil and tomato



  • 800 gr round aubergines
  • 160 gr white onions
  • 100 gr fresh tomato fondue
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 40 basil leaves
  • 500 gr ripe red tomatoes
  • 10 aluminum moulds
  • 50 gr extra-virgin olive oil
  • 20 gr parmesan cheese
  • 200 gr courgettes
  • Salt & pepper

Cooking Directions

Tomato fondue: in a pan, stir-fry a clove of garlic with little olive oil, then add the diced tomatoes
and a few basil leaves. Let cook for a few minutes, then blend and sieve the compound to obtain
a creamy sauce. Keep it warm.

Wash and peel the aubergines so a sto obtain thin slices of the peel. Lay the peel slices in a pan
with little olive oil and stir-fry. Dice the aubergines pulp and set it aside.

Slice te onions, peel the garlic and strir-fry them together in little olive oil until they become
golden coloured.

Wash, dry and dice the courgettes. Put them together with the diced aubergines pulp, add salt and
pepper, a little olive oil and let cook for 7/8 minutes. Blend and sieve the compound. Add grated
parmesan cheese.

Line the moulds with the roasted ubergine peel slices and let part of the slice stick out of the
mould.. Fill up with the aubergine and courgettes compound and seal the moulds by foulding the
peel slices.

Cover the moulds and cook in a bain-marie, in the oven pre-heated at 190° for 10 minutes.

Lay some tomato fondue inside each serving plate, put the aubergine flan an decorate with basil

Serve immediately.

Chefs at Grand Hotel Rimini

Special recipe by Claudio Di Bernardo,
Executive Chef of the Grand Hotel Rimini